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Sapphire Dragon Orchids is a boutique orchid vendor specializing in coerulea Phalaenopsis species and hybrids. Our focus is on combining traditional techniques with a fresh approach to bring you new and exciting advancements in coerulea hybridizing.

The majority of our efforts are driven by the goal of contributing to tomorrow's foundations in coerulea Phalaenopsis. Our targeted breeding program allows us to put more resources into the ongoing development of this unique color form. We also leverage our foundation plants to periodically create new novelty Phalaenopsis hybrids.

Check back periodically, as we will be updating this site on a regular basis as new images, and information about our Phalaenopsis hybrids.

The Orchid Vault community is live and accepting new members. Please join us in this new online community for sharing information about orchids. It's free and fun! All you have to do is register.

Orchid Vault community members also get full access to the Orchid Vault online catalog that includes the My Orchid Vault software and SDO orchids.

The My Orchid Vault personal orchid data management system is now for sale. We originally designed this database for our own personal use to track our orchid collection and hybrids. After many years of developement, this database is available for personal use so that you can take advantage of the same system that has allowed us to track and organize our own breeding program.


Our online catalog has been updated with a new remake of Louise Burns, Cassandra var flava and a few other crosses.

Visit it on Orchid Vault: orchidvault.com/catalog

Phal. Sapphire's Angel (aphrodite X Yungho Gelb Canary) was produced for our coerulea breeding program and we are now selling selections and seedlings.

Sapphire Dragon Orchids has moved to the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Canyon Country, Ca. on our new 6.5 acre property Rolling Rock Ranch. Visit our new Rolling Rock Ranch page for photos and more information.

I'm very proud to annouce my article 'A Decade of Chasing the Elusive Blue Phalaenopsis' is now available in Phalaenopsis Vol. 21(3) 2012. If your not an IPA member, you can purchase a copy from the International Phalaenopsis Alliance at www.phal.org.

Today we lost a very dear member of our family. She was our inspiration and very special part of Sapphire Dragon Orchids.

Laela Shepherd-James
...our baby girl

A photo tribute to our dearest Laela

We very excited to get three of our select orchids awarded at the San Marino AOS judging.

  • P. Equalacea grex Sapphire's Indigo Equalcea 'Anacapa Beryl' AM/AOS
  • P. Cornu-cervi f. chattaladae 'Sapphire's Ruby AM/AOS
  • P. equestris var cyanochilus 'Violet Eyes' CHM/AOS


This year has been an amazing year for blooming out unique coerulea primary hybrids. The first seedling from our remake of Penang Violacea using violacea 'Pacific Rendezvous' has bloomed out an an amazing light coerulea with a pearlescent shimmer.


We are thrilled to be able to announce the flowering a coerulea Princess Kaiulani. This amazing cross has yielded both a coerulea's and very saturated reds. We paired a very deep yellow amboinesis 'Golden Dragon' with our indigo violacea 'Sapphire's Navy'. These are two of the first bloom seedlings. More photos are posted in the gallery.


We are very excited to announce that one of our indigo violaceas was awarded an HCC on July 10th at the American Orchid Society Pacific South Judgeing Center:

Phalaenopsis violacea 'Laela' HCC/AOS

We are looking forward to using this great flower in future crosses.


Phalaenopsis violacea blooming season has kicked off to a great start. We now have two indigo violaceas in bloom from the Norton line and can start line breeding and doing other breeding with these magnificant orchids. The intense saturation of the blue pigments is going to allow us to make blue crosses unlike anything seen to date.

This year Phal. violacea 'Sapphire's Navy' has bloomed larger and even more saturated than its first blooming last year. We expect great things as these plants start to mature. We've posted new picks of 'Sapphire's Navy' in our gallery.


Phalaenopsis Bobbie Ann Cooper was regsitered in loving memory of my dearest Aunt Bobbie. She will be greatly missed and forever remembered in this orchid. There has been beautiful variety in the cross, Aunt Bobbie would have loved them.



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