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Doritaenopsis Siam Treasure 'Blue'
(Doritis pulcherrima x Phalaenopsis lowii)

This year was a very productive year for our Siam Treasures. The two clones we have 'Blue' gave a spectacular display. Up until this year I wasn't aware of the potential that a full grow Siam Treasure has. This is a very unique primary hybrid that has a nice tone of violet blue and reasonably good shape and size for a primary. I find it very interesting that the coerulea pulcherrima alone was able to carry enough blue through for these to turn out this blue,

Unfortunately this hybrid is more difficult to grow than many other phals. I grow mine on the bright side with the pulcherrima's and they seem to do well. The assumption is that the lowii used in this cross used the lithophytic form of the species that often growns on limestone outcrops. For this reason it's been suggested to trying raising the pH of the growing medium to improve root growth. I haven't tried this yet, but I may start experimenting in the future.

Attempts to breed with Siam Treasure todate have resulted in extermely poor germination and seedlings that do not grow well. I am continueing to attempt to breed with it, but currently the prospects are not very promising.

At the very least this is a beautiful variety to grow for that elusive blue and I we will be seeing it used more in the future.












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