A Photo Tribute to our Laela
January 15, 2012


Laela Shepherd-James
...our baby girl
8.01.2001 - 1.14.2012

Yesterday we lost a very dear member of our family. She was our unwaivering companion and dearest friend. We were so blessed to have shared life with such a bright and gentle spirit. She enriched our lives, brought great joy into our family and was forever a source of unconditional love. Our lives will never be the same without her.


In remembrance of Laela, this cross between two orchid species was registered with Royal Horticulture Society as:

Phalaenopsis Memoria Laela on March 12, 2013
(Phal. aphrodite x Phal. violacea)


Photo Tribute to her life...

Laela's Mother Marissa and one of her brothers or sisters being held in the background.

And Laela's dad, the very handsome Todd


We've always called Laela our pillow princess. At 4 weeks of age she preferred watching from a nice comfey pillow over playing with her bothers and sisters.

At 9 weeks old, our dear sweet Laela joined our family. She was such a beautiful fuzz ball. Laela was named after the Laelia orchid. I thought Laela rolled off the tongue a little better and took the i out.

Foster, Laela and Rob in 2002. Oh we were all much younger then.


The Laela and Foster always enjoyed a hike through the forest.

Hiking photo's from the Angeles National Forest


Camping trip at Pismo Beach. Boy there are some stories from this trip. This was BEFORE the tents were underwater. ;-)


Yep, still a pillow princess. ;-)

Laela's favorite toy, a Christmas present from her Grandma Martha Shepherd.

Treat time!

Mmmm, fresh garden treats. Yes, that was a zuchinni!



Out Sailing on the S.S.Laela. Not many puppies get their own boat.
Laela and Foster were never happier and more relaxed than we took them out sailing. She was truely a salty dog and loved going out on the boat.

"Hmmm, how did that boat get my name?"





Dec 10, 2011... This was last sail out on S.S. Laela. She was already very sick this day, but was so invigerated from going sailing.


Laela always had a bright small and sweet loving dispotion.


Laela and Foster, unseperable friends.


Toy time, this was her last evening with us and she found the energy to play with a tennis ball.


(Rob left holding Pacific Parrotlet Steve, Laela Middle, my partner Michael and Foster right)

Our family one day before losing our baby. Even while being very sick, she was still bright eyed and so full of love.


Laela you will forever be remembered in our hearts and minds. Our family will never the same. Your departure has left a huge hole in our hearts that can never be filled. You were and always will be loved.

I hope you find great peace and can watch over us from above. Someday we will see you again.


A few updates...

Jan, 15, 2012... We found the courage to go out for a dinner for a little while. I needed to get out of the house. So we went to on of our low key regular spots, the local Mongolian BBQ. After dinner Michael opened his fortune cookie to this fortune.


Jan 16, 2012... Laela has returned home. Forever to rest.



Orchids for her namesake...

On July 12, 2010, Phal. violacea 'Laela' was awarded an HCC/AOS.

Rob and Miss Laela with their prize orchid.







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