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June 5th, 2006


Phalaenopsis equestris var cyanochilus
I couldn't think of a more appropriate coerulea phal to intitially focus on with the launch of the new site than Phalaenopsis equestris var cyanochilus. I have been lucky enough to aquire 3 different cultivars of equestris var cyanochilus and I am now working on line breeding to hopefully create a more intense coerulea equestris. Later this summer I am going to start making a limited number of these seedlings available.

This unique variety of equestris has a pale lavender/blue lip. The sepals and petals are completely white. This variety is usually rather difficult to obtain and very little information is available about the history of this variety. Currently it is not know what process is taking place within the lip to give it the bluish color. Until we have a better understanding of that, it is difficult to come up with a breeding approach where the blue will be carried through to it's prodgeny.

To date there are very few hybrids available that have used cyanochilus. In the near future I am hope to introduce a series of hybrids using cyanochilus. I am currently experimenting with using equestris var cyanochilus with other coerulea phals and a few other species. I honestly don't know what to expect until some of these hybrids start blooming out.



The photo's below are of the cultivar "Martel's Blue".










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