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November 4, 2008 (updated 06.05.2011)


Phalaenopsis Equalacea grex Sapphire's Indigo Equalacea
(Phal. equestris 'Martel's Blue' x Phal. violacea 'Sapphire's Navy')

We are very excited to announce our new coerulea strain of Phalaenopsis Equalacea. While there have been many attempts to create a coerulea Equalacea, we believe this is the first successful Equalacea cross to flower out a true coerulea. This strain of Equalacea represents the leading edge of coerulea Phal breeding and is first glimpse of the type of advancements we expect to continue to see in the near future..

This unique strain has been recognized by the RHS and has been registered as the sub-grex Sapphire's Indigo Equalacea. It is described as: The flower is a coerulea form of Phalaenopsis Equalacea. The sepals and petals are a medium shade of violet/blue with an intense violet lip. The natural spread is 4cm wide and 3.5cm tall. Overall the flower is very flat and has a star shape with wider lateral sepals.

Overall this new strain is a darker shade of violet/blue than the standard Dtps. Kenneth Schubert. The pigmentation of this strain surpassed expectations and should be both a great step and new building block in coerulea phal breeding. An added bonus is a potent spicy cinnamon fragrance in the afternoon.

June 5th, 2011 - The indigo Equalaceas have really surpassed expectations as the plants have started to mature. We've been lucky enough to grow out some really great tetraploids and 'Dragon Jewel' has turned out to be a very fertile stud plant. We are looking forward to being able to offer the generation of hybrids using these orchids as parents in the years to come.







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