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April 27, 2007


Phalaenopsis Bobbie Ann Cooper
(Phal. tetraspsis x Phal. Malibu Imp 'Rob's Red')

This orchid has been registered and is dedicated in loving memory of Bobbie Ann Cooper, my beloved aunt, who passed on April 22, 2007. The first seedling of this cross flowered for the first time that very weekend. The registration was mailed into the RHS before I traveled home for her funeral. When I returned home the following week I had a letter waiting for me that the hybrid had been registered on April 27, 2007 the same day of Bobbie's funeral.

Bobbie Ann Cooper
June 7, 1943 - April 22, 2007

Tribute to a Gardeners Passing

She lead me through her garden one spring morning;
To proudly show grape hyacinths breaking the ground.
Soon to be followed by narcissus, daffodils and iris;
Blossoms in her garden would soon abound.

We uncovered and filled the garden fountain;
The splash of water filled the spring air.
Robins gathered at the nearby birdbath;
Cheerfully adding to the spring chorus so fair.

Not a leaf or twig would evade her;
She smiled on every creature and plant great and small.
For she saw great potential in the tiniest of things;
And with her gentle touch would nurture them all.

I cherish those memories with my aunt in her garden;
Precious time too short with a kindred soul and dearest friend.
I find solace that she’s returned to her garden;
I know someday we’ll get to walk together there again.

Go in peace my beloved aunt.
May Babe keep you company at your side.
You will be sorely missed and always held closely in our hearts.

I’ll see you soon.

All my love, Rob




Parent's of Phalaenopsis Bobbie Ann Cooper:
Phalaenopsis tetraspis and Phalaenopsis Malibu Imp 'Rob's Red'


This is the third seedling that bloomed out. Very lovely patterning and clear color. I expect the variety in this cross to be rather interesting. I'll continue to post these as they bloom out.


Updated: 5/18/08
It's been really fun watching these bloom out. There has been a great deal
of variety in this cross. I'll be remaking this cross in the future. Hopefully with an
improved Malibu Imp and the speciosa form of tetraspis.

Here are few more color variations:









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