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updated: 08.15.2010

Dtps. Peter Blue Sky
(Dtps. Siam Treasure coerulea X Dts. pulcherrima 'Little Blue)

These are selections from our Dtps. Peter Blue Sky cross. This has been a great cross using a stronger growing Siam Treasure and a very reliable coerulea pulcherrima.

These plants have wider leaves than a typical pulcherrima or even Siam Treasure and make very beautiful plants. They are extremely vigorous and should be easier to grow than Siam Treasure.

Most of these have bloomed a little darker than Siam Treasure but still retained the fuller form. The most variation is in the lip and some of these have really nice wide lips.

The Photo to the right shows a typical plant in full bloom. some of these do have much taller spikes and the spikes will branch when these plants mature.



Selection: '081510A'

Notes: Overall dark color for this hybrid with a very vibrant lip.


Selection: '081510B'

Notes: Nice size flower with lighter color and a flaired lip.

Selection: '081510C'

Notes: Good color with a dark flaired lip. The lip really makes this one stand out.


Selection: '081510D'

Notes: A more compact grower with good color.

Selection: '111809B'

Notes: Dark vibrant lip with a little bit of flairing.

Selection: '120209'

Notes: This is nice sized flower with a lighter lip, but it does have a very nice full flairing.





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