Available Select Cultivars
updated: 02.27.2012

P. Equalacea grex Sapphire's Indigo Equalacea
(Phal. equestris 'Martel's Blue' x Phal. violacea 'Sapphire's Navy')

We are getting down to the last of the available plants from this cross. Once we run out of extra select plants, we will start stem propping the remaining plants we saved out for breeding.

If you are interested in a select Equalacea, please e-mail us. We have a few posted in the Orchid Vault catalog.

We are very excited about the potential of this cross. It has great vigor and some of these are blooming out as dark as the darkest indigo violaceas. This cross has a great cinnamon fragrance and is in bloom for months at a time with multiple spikes and flowers. Larger plants should also have branching spikes.


A few previously released select Equalaceas...





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